• Do you roast in Singapore?
    Yes, we have our own German built Probat roaster and don’t outsource our roasting to anyone.
  • When do you roast?
    We are roasting constantly on a daily basis to bring you the freshest coffee possible.
  • Do you deliver to homes?
    Yes, we deliver daily, we may consolidate some orders for outlying areas. Contact us for the next delivery in your area.
  • Do you charge a delivery fee?
    For orders over $50, we deliver free. For orders under $50, there is an $8 delivery fee. Under $30, a $15 delivery fee.
  • How long before I can expect delivery after ordering?
    We will make every effort to meet your requirements, we will typically deliver 1 to 2 days after ordering depending on location.
  • I don’t have a grinder, can you grind my beans for me?
    Yes, we can grind to suit your requirements free of charge. Let us know what brewing method you use and we will grind accordingly.
  • I don’t have a coffee maker, what do you suggest?
    We have pre-ground coffee in drip filter bags that come in a box of 10. You only need hot water and a mug to make great coffee for home or travel. We can prepare any of the coffee we roast for your filter bags.
  • Do you sell coffee machines?
    Yes, we represent various brands, contact us for offers and availability.
  • Is your coffee 100% Arabica?
    Yes, we only roast Arabica. We don’t have Robusta in stock.
  • Do you roast with sugar and margarine?
    No, we do not add in anything during the roasting process. We are local coffee roasters but don’t roast local coffee.
  • Do you have a minimum order?
    No, but there is a delivery fee for orders under $50.
  • Do you do subscriptions?
    At this time, we are not doing subscriptions, moving forward we will look into this.
  • Can you make a custom roast for me?
    Yes, we can tailor something to suit your needs. Minimum orders apply.
  • We have a café, can you supply us coffee?
    Yes, we supply to cafés. Please contact us for more information.
  • Do you supply to offices?
    Yes, we can supply your office with fresh coffee beans or ground and Nespresso® compatible capsules.
  • Do you supply organic coffee?
    Yes, we carry organic coffee. Please contact us for the latest offerings.
  • We are looking for sustainable coffee to meet our corporate responsibility program. Can you help?
    Yes, we can supply coffee sustainably grown under the Rainforest Alliance certification (RFA).
  • Can you ship overseas?
    Yes, we can arrange shipping worldwide with DHL.
  • Can you supply green coffee?
    Yes, we can supply from 1 kg to container loads. Please contact us for offerings.
  • Do you supply Nespresso® compatible capsules?
    Yes, we have a range of biodegradable Nespresso® compatible capsules in certified RFA organic and more. You can find them here.
  • Do you sell your products anywhere else aside from your shop?
    Yes, we work with several companies like Ryan’s Grocery, Sasha’s Fine Foods, Taste and La Petite Boutique, from which you can purchase from online or in-store.
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